I source or grow as much local and organic food as possible so that Breakfast at Rosehurst Stratford is as delicious as it is health protective. If you are on any special diet, this is the place to be as my years as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, recipe developer and cookbook author makes high nutrient food into farm fresh cuisine is natural. Just let me know how to accommodate you! 

All breakfasts are served “family style” on platters so you can enjoy as little or as much as is right for you. Sit with your fellow guests, dine at the bar and chat with me or take a plate outside into the garden. Mi casa es su casa! I want you to be comfortable and well fed before you head out for the day.

Rosehurst Sample Menu


Homegrown Lavender Tea Biscuits (Lavender soothes and chick pea flour nourishes)

Or Gluten Free Banana Bread


Fresh home simmered compote (highest phytonutrient fruits)

Cinnamon butter (cinnamon helps manage blood pressure)


Fresh Pressed Nappa, ginger, lemon water (a yummy, tummy tonic)


Quiche made from local eggs and sweet potato crust (why waste calories on pastry?)

Pork tenderloin hash (lean pork baked and sauteed with heart healthy onions)

Garlic and Thyme hot millet (or vegan oatmeal) (millet is high in protein and tastier that porridge)

Roasted Cherry Tomato Spread (lycopene in tomatoes is better absorbed when cooked)


Homemade organic yogurt with toasted nuts and coconut (yogurt made weekly in house)


Coffee and a variety of loose leaf teas

Come back after your walk to find the coffee room replenished with iced tea, hot coffee and a small snack or two.  (Theresa is always developing recipes for some article, book or corporate client so you never know if there will be a soup in the crockpot or a cookie in the jar!)

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